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What Is Senator Graham’s Angle?

Sounds like Lindsey needs another round of Trump Golf.
“Graham ties Saudi crown prince to Khashoggi killing: 'There's not a smoking gun — there's a smoking saw”-Sen Graham

The SC Senator usually falls in line with the White House. Is he got an agenda?


For the time being, and based on Graham's diction and tone at the press conference he held after receiving the CIA Director's briefing, it seems his "agenda" is:
  • Communicate unambiguously to Trump that MBS will face US-stipulated consequences for his actions.
    • Those consequences can come from the Administration or from Congress if the Admin. doesn't impose them. It's now a question of whether the consequences be dictated by Congress or the Admin.
  • Convey that, insofar as the midterms are done, Senators have at least a year, two if they're not running in 2020, before they need to concern themselves with the electoral consequences of Trump's rhetorical rancor.
  • Allude to the fact of there being a huge difference between the nature and extent of Trump's dissembling, disingenuousness and duplicity Senators will forbear re: foreign policy and the US' leadership role on the world state and vs. that to which they'll acquiesce re: domestic policy.
  • Inform Trump that there was no excuse for the BS stunt Trump attempted to pull with that "we may never know" line he proffered to the American people and the world.
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