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Have you ever thought past today and taking care of your obligations to take care of your family and paying your bills?

Why are we here in the first place?

If we pay any attention to what Scientists tell us about the world around us, we know that our World has a life span because they believe at some point the beautiful Blue Marble we call Earth will come to an end as the Star we call the Sun begins to die, and expands and the Earth is engulfed by it and as was said in the 1950s movie "The day the Earth Stood Still," is reduced to a burned out cinder.

We have to wonder why are we here and what is our purpose for existence in the first place, and what can I do to make a difference?

I have seen in a few minutes of death in 1984 that there is more to our lives than what most of us see here and now.

We just got passed what one man figured was Armageddon and yet we are still here. Why?

I believe it is because we are all going to face our own Armageddon and we can't know when that that may come.

We could be killed in a car crash or a lightening strike, or die in our sleep any day.

The thing is are you ready for the end what ever that may be or when ever it may come?

I believe that we need to change the World and what, we as humans collectively believe to insure that we so not go quietly into the darkness that many think is our destiny.

I believe that Men long before we were born were able to ponder this in ways that we don't have or take time to think about.

I'm not talking about Religion as much as I am talking about the reality we all face.

There is in this World a truth that we can never escape and that is we are here as a human for a short time and we will go away and what is it we leave behind.

21 Religions that I know of have the same "Golden Rule: Do unto others as you would have others do unto you." Including some so-called religions I consider are Cults, such as Islam.

What does that mean?

We as the human race have to change and stop fighting over things that are meaningless, and become a race of Humans that is looking to keep our dreams alive for EVER.

Do you, or does anyone know the names of people who thousands of years ago?

Of course not. So why were they here? What difference did they make in the World as we know it to be?

If we as the highest form of life to ever exist just die and there is no tomorrow then there is no reason to go on.and we can go ahead and kill ourselves now and screw it all because what the hell is the point.

Our we can take the wisdom People that were here thousands of years ago to heart and begin to work together to insure that we continue as a meaningful force in the Universe and work to find a new Earth to grow in and continue to advance as a race that did not just go away with no reason to have been here in the first place.

Jesus life and Resurrection could be a myth. There is no way I can know for sure because I am not all knowing, but I do know this.

If we continue on the path we are on we will all have been here and lived and fought and died for nothing at all.

Treat everyone you meet as a friend and set your petty feeling aside and "Do unto Others as you would others as you would have others do unto you," and lets stop all the fighting and the disagreements, we as the Human race have placed in the way of our growth as the predominant life we know of,

God bless you all, and let make the jump into the search for a way for us to keep the dreams of us all that we have for those who may one day follow us.

I like to think I was here for a reason there is a reason I was here and I didn't live and die and in a hundred years it meant nothing because no one knows my name.

I would much rather have Humans say, Thank God there were people with the vision it took to keep our future and our dream alive.

We can start today by "doing unto others as we would have other do unto us."

We can them as a Human race make why we were here meaningful.

God bless us everyone and lets move ahead as a race and set all our petty differences aside.

Thank you for your time.
What you are saying has been said constantly for the last 1400 years, all the while being ignored by Muslims, who continue to engage in an imperialistic genocide, to spread their ideology into a worldwide caliphate. If you can think of a way to convert them to your way of thinking, that would be great. So far no one has been able to do that (for 1400 years).
I enjoyed reading that very much. I am not a Christian but totally get what you are saying. Blessings To You, Kali
A nice heartfelt message. This is certainly a deep subject. And one I have pondered on myself. I've often wondered/questioned myself as to what my purpose was for being here. I am no genius. I'm no one special. I have not being a big inspiration to anyone. So I continue to ask, why am I here? And the only thing I can come up with is that I am a people person. I love working and being around all different types of folks. And I get a real kick out of trying to make people laugh. I enjoy acting like a fool in hopes of creating smiles and laughs. It is what drives me everyday when I get up for work. I am a cashier, and the work environment I'm in affords me plenty of opportunity to play the fool and watch the smiles, chuckles, giggles and laughs roll in. I can think of no other reason why I exist.

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