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What if the GOP delegates play "scorched Earth" against T-Rump?


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Old And Busted: Donald Trump Wins On First Ballot. New Hotness: A Scorched Earth Convention | RedState

Just arriving with the delegates bound doesn’t mean that the delegates will actually vote. And there is growing movement among GOP delegates to say “Not No But Hell No” to the idea of Donald Trump hijacking the GOP for a reality television game plot based when he will have received a minority of GOP votes. This would see the convention transition from the idea of a contested one to one involving acres upon acres of scorched earth.

The obvious path in this strategy is for the insurgent delegates to hijack the rules committee and strip many of the Trump delegates of their credentials. They don’t have to create a first round victory for Not Trump, they merely have to deny Trump a victory. If this happens, Trump and his clown posse will leave the convention in a huff, Roger Stone’s flying monkeys will get a well deserved WOOD SHAMPOO from Cleveland’s finest and then an actual nominee will be selected.
Nope, Trump is going to win..
Ain't gonna happen - there'd be a full-on riot...and even though weapons are banned there, I'd lay odds that there would be more than a few concealed-carry in that crowd. It'd make the 1968 Democratic convention look like a Tupperware party.

You could be right, but I wonder what all those delegates Cruz has been recruiting might try. Let's not forget how many law enforcement and National Guard resources John Kasich has at his disposal he can send to Cleveland.
I'm not familiar with this author, but I believe him to be wrong; for instance:

"As I’ve pointed out before, this is sort of a fallacy. Just arriving with the delegates bound doesn’t mean that the delegates will actually vote."

Yes, those delegates must vote in the first round, and moreso must vote as bound, is my understanding; too the point where if the bound delegates do not vote for some reason, their vote is automatically recorded for them as was bound!

I've heard/read this several times, but have no sources.

But ! do believe the author is incorrect, at least in the matter of first round bound delegate voting procedures.
The #NeverTrump movement may have been launched by sincere-hearted conservatives who fear that a populist demagogue, beloved by a minority faction, would sink the party in November. But it was inevitable that Cruz and Kasich would lose momentum once it became obvious that neither could win the nomination outright. #NeverTrump wasn't inviting voters to an exciting, come-from-behind victory parade. It was inviting voters to play spoiler. And to do so they'd have to vote for either Cruz or Kasich, each of whom gives the impression that in another age they'd have been failed card-sharps.

Why Ted Cruz failed to carry the #NeverTrump banner


AND this:

When the history is written, it will be said that Cruz helped legitimate Trump in the Republican race. And his admiring tone for Trump came off as not just cowardly, but submissive. All of the accolades for Cruz's intellect and Ivy League debate skills didn't matter. Trump unmanned Cruz long before the results came in. "I'm, like, a very smart person," Trump said Tuesday night. Well, smart enough.

The point being that the delegates dont have the right to overrule the voters.

It is Trump or else.

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The delegates are swinging to Trump, they'll support the people's vote and intent.

Just posted on the NY Times site, a report that Cruz's support is softening, among the delegates that Cruz has courted. The allegiance of those delegates is shifting to Trump.

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