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What if science linked some bones to jesus?


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Jul 19, 2005
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What this mean christianity is a fraud?
128shot said:
What this mean christianity is a fraud?
Don't be retarded, you have nothing to compare his DNA to.
Re: What if science linked some bones to jesus?

That would be wicked cool....if totally impossible. It would in no way invalidate Christianity however. In fact it would in some ways add fact to an otherwise Faith based worship practice.
I also don't see how this would invalidate Christianity. Jesus died for our sins but rose again. This does not mean that his earthly body necessarily rose from the dead.
True it would be cool, but (no offense but I am going to hurt your feelings anyway) but i don't really care. NOT being a believer in God it doesn't prove or disprove anything to me. Jesus probably did exist, and was a self described messiah, but that doesn't prove to me that he is divine.
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