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What if a US Senator committed fraud?

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  • Forced resignation

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  • Repayment of $230'000, remain in Senate

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  • Restriction on further expenses, regular audits

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  • Nothing, continue to serve

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Jan 16, 2011
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Let's draw up a scenario.

Senator Jane Doe from Oregon has been sitting in Senate for 10 years, and has served with no controversial issues to this point. It has recently be revealed to the public that Senator Doe most likely making illegitimate expenses claims. An audit is run of her expenses.

It is revealed that since 2008 she has accumulated $230'000 is claimed travel expenses. These expenses were claimed under the reason of returning home to Oregon in between sessions of the Senate. The flight she normally takes of DC is a connecting flight to San Francisco, which then flies to Portland. There are non stop flights available from DC right to Portland for cheaper. She owns a vacation house outside Frisco; and is also a senior administrator at Stanford University. She is found to have made addition expenses claim while conducting business in and around Santa Clara County, this business is shown to be for Stanford as opposed to the Senate.

What should happen to her?

Please note that all options above her repayment of the money include her doing this as well.

Poll to follow shortly.
what if? you mean the NEXT TIME they do it?
how many senators have not engaged in such activity?

No doubt. But if the public evidence was available like this example, what would you have done?
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