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What do you have in your house/apartment/hole/dwelling?


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Jan 8, 2010
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This is my latest acquisition. I needed something to go on the main wall of the living room and for some reason, this transfixes me and ties into what I have already done to the room perfectly. (that's not my room, my order should come in a couple of weeks)


So, post your favorite art where you live.
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One of the most fascinating exhibits I have seen (for which I have no pictures) was a local visiting exhibit of paintings that appeared 3D even though they were all smooth surface paintings. The content wasn't that awesome--it was sort of a southwestern/Mexican theme to them, but things like the lizards looked like they were sitting on top of the paintings and it really didn't matter where in the room you were standing to get that effect. It was really quite magnificent. Wish I recalled the artist.
I have many things on the walls that I love, and it would be hard to just name a favorite. I have an antique piece of Peruvian religious ceremony attire, and old beaded Incan hat, some antique Mexican spirit masks, and multiple prints and paintings, but one of my very favorites is an Indonesian batiq that I got in New Orleans back in about 1985. The picture quality isn't great, because of the matte glass and the glare, and I had to take the shot at an angle, but hopefully you can get the idea for the most part. The colors (in real life) are vivid and the details are great.

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