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What do you guys think...


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Nov 16, 2005
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I am an owner of a Cigarette Store that is right across from a highschool. I have been recieving recent complaints about a billboard that I put on top of my store that advertise a cigarette company(Camel to be exact). The Principle and the Superintendent and saying to me that it is offensive and I need to take it down. Now my question to you guys is that, Doesn't my first amendment right give me the right of freedom of expression meaning I can keep the billboard up? 2nd How is the advertisement of the Camel cigarette company offensive, how is it not? 3rd if there is no ordinance in the town I can keep it up no matter what right? Any help would be great.

High school Principal and the Superintendent have no legal authority to tell you to take it down. Unless there's a city ordinance you're unaware of, they haven't a leg to stand on.

You're on firm legal ground.

The question I think you should ask yourself is, whether or not you think it's right to advertise a product you can only legally sell to adults right across the street from a high school. I know you can't help where your store is located-- but I can see why they'd be complaining.
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