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What Do Parties Have To Do With It?


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Aug 23, 2005
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If there is anything in this world that irritates me so much as that I would be willing to jump up and down screaming and pounding on the floor, it is when people assume that, because I happen to hold liberal beliefs, I am a democrat and that I am support them and I am expected to defend every single action of theirs.

While it is true that I tend to support democrats more than republicans for obvious reasons, that does not mean I actually think they are much better. Democrats have their own idiots same as everyone else. Jesse Jackson is a good example of a democrat who I would never trust. Both sides play their own political games. These games are neither productive nor are they, for the most part, honest. So therefore, I reject both parties.

Politicians are a two faced breed. You cannot trust any of them completely and you always have to be aware of their own motives for influencing the people. Though I have come to expect this out of politicians these days, it still never ceases to anger me. Even Abraham Lincoln isn't completely unguilty of these political games. If there is anything I have learned about politics that I can be sure I am right about, it is that you simply cannot trust politicians.

Unfortunately, politicians almost have to be liars. In order to keep the people happy, they feel they have to make themselves appear more moderate then they are and then, when we are done voting, they start introducing policies that aren't so moderate. At the same time, however, they also have to appease their base in order to keep them from changing sides.

This isn't neccesary though. You can gain the trust of the people by proving yourself as being for the people. After that, it doesn't matter what the opposition thinks and they might even catch on too. The People like honesty. Honesty and integrity are something that people always complain lacks in todays candidates. Bring back the honesty and integrity, and the world is yours.

Now don't get the wrong idea, this doesn't mean I am totally against parties. But I still don't think you can trust any of them. At the moment, I am not in a party. I may join one in the near future but not now. However, you can be assured that if I do join a party, it won't be the Democrat Party.
galenrox said:
Damn straight brother.
What pisses me off the most about the political parties is there is just about zero continuity between their beliefs, so why the hell is everyone expected to fall into one of these two categories.
Like what does the support of a free market system have to do with being opposed to abortion rights? What does supporting affirmative action have to do with being opposed to drilling for oil in Alaska? NOTHING!
I'd rather be beaten to death with my own severed arm than vote straight democrat or republican, yet it is always assumed that I'm going to defend whatever the democrats or republicans are doing, depending on someone's misperception of my beliefs.
You got it easier than me...

If I look at something objectively without a total denouncement of any Conservative events, its contrued as a defense of the Republican Party...

The lastest is Delay...WTF do I care if Delay gets sent up the river or not?...I couldn't name you one thing he's ever done politically except he was the leader of the HoR...

But for some reason(could it be party affiliation?), there are people right here on this forum that are strictly HOPING he fries based simply on the fact he has an (R) behind his name...They probably couldn't name you one thing he's done politically either...they just go by the day's negative headlines...

If he goes, he goes...the same way path taken by Rostenkowski, Trafficant, Packwood, Berger, Stephanapulous, possibly Libby, and any other aide or politician with a hand caught in the cookie jar...

They'll consider it a victory...like they had something to do with it...They'll say "Ha Ha!", as if I'm supposed to be "down" over this...

We're not all Navy Prides...:roll:
Isn't Nave Pride supposed to be a conservative independent. That's if I'm remembering correctly what his profile showed.
Isn't Nave Pride supposed to be a conservative independent. That's if I'm remembering correctly what his profile showed.

Perhaps but it doesn't matter if you buy into their little games.
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