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What do I "win"?

What is the concept of "winning" when posting on a debate forum such as DP? Constantly I see posters throwing the concept of "winning" which is alien to me. Where is my prize? This obtuse concept should be ridiculed and rejected. We post on forums to exchange ideas, opinions and thoughts. There is no "big penis" prize or a teddy bear at the end of a debate or discussion on the internet. Either we learn and are better for it - or it's a waste of time and energy.

If anyone thinks, they are changing the world by posting on a website - (thanks Dr. Patrick for the idea via one of your posts) they should have their head examined for tumors. Changing the world is rarely if ever, done behind a keyboard. It's done by shutting off the computer and interacting with people, places and things that matter. Want to change the world or your community - go out and DO something! Stop the insanity.


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Jul 21, 2005
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Don't really think its possible to "Win" the vast majority of times on a message board. Especially on a political one. So much of politics is about perception and even things that are "facts" can mean two different things to two different people. That doesn't even take into account that you can find "facts" often that say both things. Want "facts" that gay parents are okay? Sure we got them. "Facts" that they're bad, people have those too. Low taxes increase government revenue? Decrease government revenue? Got facts for both. Regulation is good? There's examples. Regulation is bad? There's examples. Some may think certain facts or evidence are "worse" or "questionable" but even that is often times in the eye of the beholder. Ultimately most arguments can't be "won", not in a traditional sense.

I say majority of the time because there is one way to win, and its rare. And that's when you actually convince someone from the other side or that's on the wall to come over and agree with your side on a particular issue in a complete way. I've seen it happen a few times, primarily with well reasoned debate with reputable sources, a polite and persuasive argument, and an appeal to some form of rationality that the other individual actually cares about. However as I said, this is the exception not the rule.
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