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What are your beliefs?


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Dec 6, 2005
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Hey, since I'm new here, I was wondering what is exactly is everyone's religious beliefs? I'm a Catholic, or more accuartely, in the process of becoming Catholic.
semperfi12 said:
Hey, since I'm new here, I was wondering what is exactly is everyone's religious beliefs? I'm a Catholic, or more accuartely, in the process of becoming Catholic.

I am a Christian

I believe that the Bible is the Word of God

I believe that the Bible is highest authority on this earth.

I believe that the Bible can be translated through hermeneutics and exegesis

I believe that the Churchs authority falls under the authority of the Bible.

I believe that Faith in Jesus Christ, and not my own works, is the only path to Salvation.

I do not believe that knowledge, of Christ, alone saves.

I believe that Grace and Faith is a gift from God. It is not merited.

I believe that good works will be apparant in the life of a person who is Born again. I believe that the good works are fruit/evidence to Gods spirit working within them.

I believe that Man cannot discover the meaning of his existence starting from Man alone.

I believe that each Man, made in the image of God, is of more value than the Cosmo's
I do not like saying "I'm a post-modernist", for two reasons. First of all, I do not agree with the 'post', which I believe should be 'neo', at least in my case. I will explain this later. Second, I believe that I am a lot more than just an avatar of some line of thought, or for that matter lines.

A propos, the concept of post-modernist does not have the strong bind with modernism that neo has. I do not believe in humanistic values, however, I do acknowledge the strong influence this reality has on me, and my thinking and thus too my post-modernist beliefs, and I thus believe that the freedom that came with humanism and modernism is of vital importance to the sustainment of my own state of mind, and the broadening of others. However, more important than this tribute to the past, is my belief in freedom on the basis that I have too much doubt in my beliefs to assume they are valid for everyone, and thus I think that for the limited time we are to walk this earth, if we are to believe the correlation of this reality and existence (which seems to be a reasonable) freedom is the only excusable style of life. Who am I to tel you what to think or do?
From this also, however, follows the concept that I do not believe in rights. No one has the right to live, or any of those concepts. A right is an appeal to some institute that has an obligation towards one. Now, considered from my own perspective, there is no such authority. From a humanist view, one could say "these are the basic rights each human being deserves, because they are part of human nature", but I see no tangible correlation between the two. It's an esoteric belief that drives one to accept the humanistic values. First accept the human as God, than accept the rights this status grants you.
From the perspective of a judeo-christian God, the concept rights makes no sense (to me!) either. If I had the right to live, and God existed, it would mean God was obligated to do something for me, something that is of course, ludicrous. Following these three rejections of the most common philosophies I safely decree these silly beliefs not part of my own, and embrace a personal and economical freedom, all-embracing to those who are willing to accept it.

This explains merely my beliefs, and I am more than a collection of my beliefs. I have a personality, and I am thankful to be blessed, if I dare pronounce myself so religiously, with an analytical mind and a mind that I can change with an ease I recognise scarcely in my peers. My behaviour is not, I dare say, the accidental cumulation of some random events, but flowing from the values that I have accepted as my own. I do not judge others, only observe their behaviour, and believe people are responsible for those actions. I have observed myself to be different on the internet, where my attitude is more discordian, perhaps because even I can not resist the temptation of the impersonal communication that lends itself to hypothesising over the various mental ailments that plague others.

Discordian? Yes, I dare say that I am rather influenced (also in 'real life' (as if there is such a thing ;)) in my humour, which is dry and ironic) by Principia Discordia, and that I love the self-ridiculing style, the not taking serious seriously, and the profound love of chaos, that can also be recognised in Erasmus' "The Praise to Folly".

-- I hope you can forgive me for mentioning him. I'm not at all nationalist, but I when it comes to Erasmus and Spinoza, I am as masochistic as I am proud. They both did not write in Dutch, but nevertheless, they were Dutch, and so I find some pride in them. It's strange that half of those whom I am lucky enough to call friends are from Germany, which is at a rock throw away from me, where such great minds as Goethe, Schopenhauer and Nietzsche were born to the world. It is an extra torment for me, to hear them idolising their language, when Dutch has the same power, but lacks the love of its people, who resort to English or other languages, while in fact it, like German, is in many instances more complete than English. I have yet to find a translation for the Dutch Euvel, or German Frevel, to defend myself from the Commonwealth fanatics.--

However, this is starting to become more like an autobiography than an account of my beliefs. Was nice venting my thoughts though, hope y'all can forgive me.


Mr U
I believe in myself, in love for my lady, and in the power of nature to keep my spirits high. And in the NY Jets, some years.:doh
I'm not sure what you would exactly describe me. I believe that nobody created us and there is no "plan" for us. We simply are. We have a difficult time comprehending that so they choose gods in an attempt to give us a purpose but, in reality, there is no purpose.
I'm a Thelemite. My beliefs are summed up as:

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law.

Love is the law, love under will.
My religious beliefs can be summed up in one word: Meh. I really couldn't describe it because I enjoy wasting my time with the happier things in life.
I haven't much use for it. Faith and reason are mortal enemies. Besides, one can hardly engage in hedonism while living your life for the purpose of someone else.

When the crazy man hands me a pamphlet I smile, say "Thank you" and back away slowly.
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