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What are the odds?

Aunt Spiker

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Oct 20, 2009
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I've had a single sheet of drywall in the carport for 2 years, now - this year I'm redoing the bathroom but never actually needed to cut this piece, it's stayed dry and up against the wall this whole time.

Well - today I did in fact need it and I pulled it out, laid it down in the grass to quickly cut off a small section for use in the bathroom. But - before I cut I went to re-measure and then realized I had to thicken the surrounding joists to fit the piece on right - did a little bit of work in the bathroom . . . 20 minutes later and I look outside and it's FREAKING RAINING!

In Arkansas
It's not suppose to RAIN in July in Arkansas.

We usually get maybe one or two thunderstorms and that's IT - and it just happens to rain on a rare occasion that I actually have my last and needed piece of drywall laying in the grass.

Damn thing's ruined - I actually have to go to the hardware store later on to BUY A NEW PIECE!


so - what are the odds that I'll lose my one and only sheet of drywall to RAIN in July!!
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