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What Administraton Had to Say About FISA in 2002


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Aug 27, 2005
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In 2002, Congress wanted to pass a law loosening the requirements for obtaining FISA warrants. The administration opposed it, stating that the FISA system was working well. The proposal by Mike Dewine of Ohio to loosen the FISA requirements was knocked down by the Justice Department. The proposal itself would have made it easier to obtain warrants to listen in on converstatons of foreign nationals living inside the US.

DeWine's bill would have lowered the "probable cause" standard to one of only "reasonable suspicion" for warrants involving foreigners in the country.

The justice department not only stated that this requirement was not needed, but was also trying to determine whether this loosening of the law would pass Constitutional muster, even though warrants would still be required. Now the administration is trying to claim they can legally do the same thing and more WITHOUT warrants? If you believe that, then I have some property here in Houston I would like to sell you. It used to be called the Astrodome.

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