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What accomplishment are you most proud of?


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Jun 25, 2013
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So, I think it is healthy to allow yourself to acknowledge and take pride in things that you have worked hard to achieve and managed to accomplish. I don't see it as arrogant or boastful, I see it as real. What drove me to this understanding was my two kids. Again and again people praised them, and me for having raised them and I always shied away from it. Then they told me that without my sacrifice and direction, they wouldn't be the same people and that they WANTED me to take a little credit for that because THEY thought I deserved it. So, okay all those years of knowingly putting them first, going without a life etc helped produce these two lovely people? Holy ****balls that felt good. So, I ask you...
LOL I'd say my kids, too. They've screwed up royally. They've made me want to commit hari Krishna. They've made me want to pull my hair out. But overall, they are good kids. It means a lot to me when total strangers walk up and tell me how well behaved my children were (when they were babies) and how well behaved they are now (compared to other teenagers). They haven't murdered anyone. They haven't been kicked out of school. They haven't been on Maury Povich, trying to figure out who their baby daddy is, and they haven't destroyed an NFL ballplayer's house. Their grades are good and they are all around good people. If I died tomorrow, I'd die knowing that I'd gotten them on the way to being good, responsible, well-meaning adults who aren't afraid to open up their wallet to make sure that others had help if they needed it.
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