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What About Peace?


In times of deceitful wars and engineered democratic revolutions, it seems that there is no time at all to talk about peace.

We talk about terrorists, wars, conflicts, and wars to be, yet we never talk about what truly matters: education, eliminating poverty, social and societal understanding, and justice. We are so preoccupied with the forces of destruction that we never are able to foster the forces of peace and understanding. The world has become caught up in wars, spending $1.63 trillion on military spending alone last year, all while global food prices continued to rise. We consistently ask ourselves if we are safe or not, without realizing that the money we spend on weapons helps to make us unsafe, as they are sold around the world and then we must build new weapons to counter them.

The world promotes capitalism, an economic system that promotes competition and damages the environment ignoring the fact that humans are hard-wired to cooperate, empathize, and care about the environment.

Humanity has become so war-driven that the internet, a tool that has been and should be used to foster democracy, peace, and understanding, has instead been turned into a tool of war with the US leading the way by creating its Cyber Command, using its Echelon system for corporate espionage, and in thus aiding in other nations such as the UK and China to all engage in cyberwarfare.

There is much discussion today about terrorism in the West and especially in America. However, what we ignore is that much of US foreign policy promotes terrorism and that in many of these countries where there are terrorists, there are "political, economic, and social conditions [that] foment radicalism."

There is also much worry about the climate change, seeing as how the ice caps are melting at a much faster rate and over time this may very well put several nations underwater. This is a global problem and the only way it will be solved is if humanity as a whole works together, not if we blame one another for the emitting greenhouse gases.

The world needs to rethink its position on war, economics, and social justice. If we can spend so much money on preparing to kill one another and consistently ask who will be our next enemy, then we can ask the simple question: What about peace? and start planning to make a more peaceful world in which we can all live, thrive, and prosper together in a beautiful world, rather than fighting over what remains.


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Apr 13, 2011
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Great piece man. I wouldnt expect anyone for the nationalistic right to come to this cause tho unfortunately.
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