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What about life-saving of so-called democracy in this country, pals?



Within the recent official visit of US State Secretary, Hillary Clinton, to Georgian republic she has had an enlarged meeting with representatives of our authorities in Tbilisi. But one thing has been evident: our Interior Minister, V. Merabishvili was not asked to this party!
To all seeming our Micho have decided to replace the man, who, as it is well known here, has close links with various Islamic militants, found refuge on this territory now, because Saakashvili’s sponsors have strongly recommended him to worry about the democratic image of his regime in Georgia.
It is common knowledge that M. Saakashvili has managed to retain his power here only thanks to the help of Washington. And I suppose that in order to save own protйgй’s face from public charges of terrorism’s support in his country, Americans simply gave him advice to replace notorious Merabishvili with some candidates from so controllable local opposition! But what about life-saving of so-called democracy in this country, pals?
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