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What Aaron Brussard didn't tell us


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May 3, 2005
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From the article with the same title http://www.newsmax.com/archives/articles/2005/9/30/190315.shtml

(See other thread about Brussard's emotional breakdown concerning his claim that a man's mother drowned 5 days after the flood because FEMA and the Fed's ingnored his pleadings)

"The story was soon exposed as mostly phony by The New York Times, MSNBC and CNN (not exactly outposts of the vast right-wing conspiracy), among many other sources. The blogoshere was humming for days with accounts of the phoniness until the major media finally caught on."....................................

"Tim Russert had Broussard on again on September 24 and actually – but very politely – brought up the touchy nursing home story matter, hinting at obvious embellishments if nothing more serious.
"What kind of sick mind ... what kind of black-hearted people want to nitpick a man's mother's death!" Broussard teared up again. "Get out of my face!" Now he broke down again. "Get out of my face!""

The writer, who grew up in New Orleans and a native of Jefferson Parrish goes on to note

" You'd never know it from the major media, but there are several hundred thousand people in Broussard's own Jefferson parish right now who, if they could get their hands on some torches and pitchforks, would storm Broussard's office faster than that mob of enraged villagers stormed Baron Von Frankenstein's castle."

Seems Brussard who is President of Jefferson Parrish told the pump operators to evacuation.

The writer goes on.

"Many sensible people consider these pump operators every bit as essential as cops and firemen during a major hurricane. (And you can hear their furious sputterings on all the local radio talk shows, Mr. Russert.)"

And before anyone starts to defend the order for them to leave

" The pumping stations themselves are huge, sturdy, blockhouse-type buildings. None sustained any major damage from the winds. In fact, I received some reports that area policemen, during the height of the hurricane, actually sought refuge inside a pumping station, recognizing it as the safest place around. Sure enough, they emerged completely unscathed, as was the expensive – but completely idle – pumping station."

So the locals worried enough to get essential people out, people who were needed to carry out vital service, but did not bother to make sure those who needed help to get it and got out (the woman who drowned did so tragically on the first day, when Brussard was in charge).

But then I quess it is really Bush's fault.
This topic's been done already. And Newsmax? Come on, try to use credible sources that at least pretend not to be biased.

(Handcuffs? Someone likes wasting police resources.)
vergiss said:
This topic's been done already.

Nope and I was the started of that thread, if you had bothered to read what I posted that would be clear to you.

And Newsmax? Come on, try to use credible sources that at least pretend not to be biased.

The originating source was Meet the Press, transcripts quoted and [FONT=arial,helvetica]Humberto Fontova, a very well known Cajun-Cuban writer from the area. So your dismissals out of hand carry no weight.

Now if you care to discuss the subject matter have at it, else you're wasting everyones time. In case you missed the salient points. Brussard blame Bush and the Federal government what occourred when in fact HE bears the primary responsibility. Going back to what I said from day one, just watch, the ones that scream the loudest that point the biggest fingers are usually the ones who know they carry the blame.
vergiss said:
This topic's been done already. And Newsmax? Come on, try to use credible sources that at least pretend not to be biased.

(Handcuffs? Someone likes wasting police resources.)


Indeed many stayed behind in New Orleans .Let me say this ,if I may.
America is heading for a rift,the people that dont have much, are coming to know .that there is only disdain for their cause, from more and more of the
people that have it good.

There are many such rifts in America today,the out come will be confrontation.
And the only people that don't see it coming is Americans that are dumbed down and don't see what is happening .
with the middle class quickly disappearing(delfi 185,ooo recent additions to the poor) with giants like GM , ford teetering on colapse,and further erosion
coming,we can see this coming army of poor,taking up a cause,and fighting for their right to have a job, and have it good again.It's not going to be pretty,

there is a situation arising in America that only needs a spark to set it off.


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