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What a waste (1 Viewer)


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Apr 22, 2019
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Because the human race has not figured out how to co-exist without nations using force against other nations, we continue to see great waste. Both from the use of force and the military preparations and defense.

Russia is going to see massive losses from this project. The Ukraine is seeing massive losses. Europe is going to need to increase investment in defense; Germany has announced plans to exceed 2% of its GPD on military spending.

The US is in sight of $1 trillion a year spent on military and related, if not exceeding it when things like the CIA and NSA budgets are included.

Ukraine was a strong country of over 40 million people doing well, enjoying their freedom. It was estimated up to 10 million might become refugees.

And this is the political environment in which was say, let's have nuclear weapons ready to go all the time.
War hasn't never been the answer ...... what is it about politicians that can't get along with each other which sparks imperialism, fascism, communism, libertarianism, fundamentalism, racism, anti womanism, anti gayism, lies lies and more lies, politicians who steal our money, billions of pieces of weapons ......... mucho dead bodies...........

Let's do away with politicians and those self centered wealthy people who believe everyone should be like them......not all wealthy people are like that.

First let's do away with politicians .......
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