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What a Correction!


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Jul 19, 2012
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Folks will recall the scientific study, greatly beloved by libs, that claimed to find a correlation between being politically conservative and authoritarian tendencies, a tendency to exhibit traits of psychoticism, and to have low "social desirability". Liberals had higher neuroticism. All of this seemed be under genetic control.

But now the authors have issued a correction. It turns out that the labels on their data were reversed. So instead of conservatives showing authoritarian traits it was liberals, and liberals showed more psychoticism, which in this context means impulsivity and sensation seeking. Conservatives had higher social desirability and were more neurotic.

I suspect that this paper, once highly touted and cited, will now simply be forgotten. The main point of the paper was the genetics, which is still true. But libs like the paper especially because of the somewhat loaded words "psychoticism" and authoritarianism, which now apply to them, not conservatives.

Epic Correction of the Decade | Power Line
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