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Western Medicine Fraud And Supression Of Science


Jul 28, 2010
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The US Medical industry along with it's political propaganda wing the AMA have systemtically destroyed the art of healing and turned the medical profession into a cruel hoax which promotes disease, suffering and death....Get a grip America....Research the first director of the AMA....It is almost like reading a comic book...Here is a little documentary regarding the visionary genius, Wilhelm Reich, who was destroyed by the US medical industry...His books were burned and he was imprisoned and murdered in 1957 by the scum who control this planet...Watch and learn....


Man's Right To Know

Mans Right To Know
Im sorry, Reich had some good ideas but the man was crazier than a ****house rat and I dont really see a way around that. This was the same man who theorized that orgasms generated a special energy that could be harnessed to heal people and make it rain by using special collectors and large cannons.

It's hip to accuse the medical world of being a fraud when you dont have the benefit of those nice degrees hanging on your wall.

Wilhelm Reich - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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