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"We'll pay the world's environment bills by LAW", says Liberal Clegg!


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Sep 16, 2009
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So-called 'Foreign Aid', the only Government expenditure to be ring-fenced, never mind escaping savage cuts, should now be MANDATORILY dished out to nations demanding it.

From now on, the likes of African dictators and swindlers from the Indian Government will be GUARANTEED their allowances from Britain, totalling TEN BILLION POUNDS per year!

And what will be the qualifier for these responsible recipient nations to recieve this Santa's Giveaway?

Concessions on trade agreements for example? No.
Work? Oooh, no no no.

Taking back some of the immigrants which even the Government advisor on immigration, Professor David Metcalf, says are coming in too thick and fast? HOW DARE YOU BE SO WAYSIST AND FASCIST!

Protect foreign aid by law, says Clegg: Giving money is in our self interest, he tells UN | Mail Online


In his speech the berk said "We can't cut ourselves off the rest of the world .. susceptible to extremism, runaway inflation, environmental degradation".

Are not those problems applicable here on his doorstep? We're told that we are by the very political class Clegg helps lead. Yet this is the excuse given to allow one of the world's fastest growing economies, plus a clique of hypocritical human rights abusers on the African continent, to gleefully receive the precious tax money flushed from our economy like so much waste product.



Bristol war veteran ‘not ill enough’ for care cash | Bristol News

Lack of funds hampers breast cancer breakthrough - Scotsman.com Living

Lack of funds spells end of Elmbridge play scheme - News - getsurrey

Lack of funds puts nuclear subs in danger of , etc.

Mind you, some things are worthily jettisoned: Coalition dumps Labour pledge of broadband for all of Britain by 2012 - Business News, Business - The Independent


13th Spitfire: What we could have bought for the foreign "aid" money

Or, if you like, we will be lacking 450,000 new nurses* because the Foreign Aid bill simply MUST be spent, else the Government would have itself in court!

What a shambles, what a waste... what a Britain!


* According to today's Daily Mail, page 2.
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Rebublic, study of human being We can't cut ourselves off from the rest of Scotland,i agree
with you my good friend thanks a million $1,000000000000000000000000,haha just give it to us.

well said professor haha

al the best that was good in what u said.


BBC - Have Your Say: Is aid the answer?

An interesting suggestion to fix the African aid problem:

How about the richest nations of Africa supporting their own country.

Top African countries GDP.
# South Africa … $606.4 billion in international$ (up 8% from 2005)
# Algeria ... $262.2 billion (up 8.5%)
# Nigeria … $181.8 billion (up 10.2%)
# Morocco … $150.8 billion (up 4.8%)
# Sudan … $98.8 billion (up 11.2%)
# Tunisia … $91.4 billion (up 7.4%)
# Ethiopia … $78.4 billion (up 12%)
# Ghana … $59.4 billion (up 9.1%)
# Angola … $53.9 billion (up 24.3%)
# Democratic Republic of Congo … $50.4 billion (up 9.7%)
# Uganda … $48.5 billion (up 9.2%)
# Kenya … $45.6 billion (up 8.9%)
# Cameroon … $40.3 billion (up 5.7%)
# Côte d'Ivoire … $31.4 billion (up 4.9%)
# Tanzania … $30.6 billion (up 10%)

Perhaps the UK should start asking for aid.

Our GDP: http://www.google.co.uk/search?hl=e...ls=en&q=uk+gdp&aq=f&aqi=g10&aql=&oq=&gs_rfai=

Several deluxe palaces, gold piles and luxury jet fleets of African leaders can also be sold. But then, no liberal-leftist will ever suggest that as there's no guilt-loaded qualifier for whitey to dig deep.

This next comment really says it all:

Lord Bauer famously said that aid is simply taking money from "poor people in rich countries and giving it to rich people in poor countries" and this has remained the case ever since.

Live Aid donations 'were diverted to arm Ethiopian rebels'. In fact, the original Live Aid actually allowed the Ethopian government to dictate where the aid was dispersed so that they could forcibly relocate their population killing far more than were starving to death in the first place as documented in the documentary "Star Suckers":

Starsuckers: when the media makes a star ...you get made the sucker

What's worse is that Aid does absolutely nothing to tackle the root causes of third world poverty, because it fosters dependency and corruption without requiring the political or economic change necessary to enable such countries to thrive. In fact, much of it actually serves to perpetuate war and tyranny, persecution and mass murder.

And let's not pretend that the NGOs or the aid agencies are at all neutral. To even operate they have to turn a routine blind eye and will always need money to justify their existence. Those who refuse to accept this fact may wish to look up "Afghaniscam".

If there is anyone out there thinking of wasting a single penny on aid may want to read the excellent book "War Games" by the Dutch journalist Linda Polman:

Remember all this the next time there is a Comic Relief on the BBC.

Depose the dictators. THEN start investing, preferably on a mutually beneficial business footing.

Africa is rich in natural minerals, fossil fuels and fertile soil. Let's help them make the best of it, as well as stand up to liberals who always tell us that Africa fails because of everyone else.
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