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Welcome to the new vBulletin forum


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May 19, 2004
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Please let me know what you think of the new forum.

Update your profiles. Some avatars and signatures did not transfer.
if you ever need help with vb, talk to me, i am an admin at a forum with 3000 members and we are on vb, so much better than ipb

I agree vBulletin is one of the best available.
We ran phpBB2 for a bit and didn't much care for it.

Now, I am upset I opted for renting instead of purchasing.
We will be buying the full license soon.
From the posters side I don't see much difference. I found this site by searching for php political forums. :) I like to be notified when a post is answered, so prefer sites that support it. There are internal administrative benefits?
Squawker said:
There are internal administrative benefits?

Big time, one can make a forum unique and not have to change the code, unlike phpBB2 or several of the others.

There are litterally dozens of options - possibly over 100 an admin to setup a forum.

Good stuff!

We can set an option field in the user setup - on the fly. The system itself has a subscriptions system that connect to paypal (and several others) and does that all internal.
OMG, I know, I came over from an IPB to a VB board. the difference was night and day. It was simply amazing. you can set up some crazy forum masks with this system that you cnouldn't with the other. phpbb is just horrible, I hate it.
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