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Weaklings scream DISCRIMINATION then win 3 million dollars...

George W Bush

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Aug 2, 2005
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52 lucky ladies who cant lift more than 35 lbs. or reach higher than 65 inches
have won their lawsuit against soapmakers DIAL
and will share an award of over 3 million dollars. (see bottom of post for link to story).

DIAL required an ability test which included lifting 35 pounds for 65 inches.
Unfortunately, only 40% of the applicants who were FEMALE
passed. There were few men who failed, however, and this, says the lawsuit, is the reason for judgement.

Further along, it says some women were too short to lift the 65 inches. Which, again, could be issue with gender discrimination as average woman height is smaller than a males.

But, what did Dial do wrong here?
I mean, for safety reasons, they dont want weaklings and shorties to hurt themselves.
If you cannot pass the test, the corporation feels you are a safety risk. Now, that DIAL was forced to give a few people a job - i'm wondering if they will be faced with lawsuits when one of these ladies hurt themselves.
I just dont see where the discrimination is: :confused:

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