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We the people

We the people have been duped by the media into believing the worse is yet to come. Balderdash! We are Americans and we define adversity. We have to keep the dream alive regardless what the news outlets want you to believe. Our current economic condition comes from a lack of direction. Under Reagan, we surged our economy through the defense industry and the technology that filtered out from that direction. We have failed to replace that direction with anything sustainable. We base too many jobs on 'services' for products that are not manufactured in this country. Our focus on defense left us with a memorable export, a man with a gun, and the is now to replace it. We must find a new direction to lead the world economy with. Kennedy focused our efforts on the space program and without debate, that spurred the technology boom that enabled our economic growth. We need another bold decision to turn the economy around. The question becomes what to focus on? Our current President and leaders have decided health care is a primary concern. I ran the numbers, in my head of course, and in order to fund the economy with health care we all must get sick. I do not believe this model works even if we allow others to use the system. Maybe we need to direct our attention to an industry with worldly appeal. I was not amused a few years ago when I had to sit on a freeway and watch the large wind turbine blades go ahead with a police escort. That evening, I listened as the local news reported the delays on the non-domestic manufactured blades. I was astonished to find we import many of the alternative energy goods.

We can take the alternative energy industry by storm with our abundant natural resources, our technical workforce, and our capitalistic nature. Please Mr. President, end the debate over who caused the current economic situation by creating the economic recovery we need.
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