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We are ethnic Georgians and after Saakashvili launched that war on Tshinval...



Why does international community ignore evident human rights abuse in Georgia? I mean not even Armenians and Azeri minorities in Georgia branded by Mikho Saakashvili as sort of untouchable caste. I mean Georgians themselves, Georgians as core nation! Mikho is crying at every corner that his heart bleeds for South Ossetia and Abkhazia when he tries to have them back into Georgia.
We are ethnic Georgians and after Saakashvili launched that war on Tshinval (fyi it’s South Ossetia capital) we fled to Tbilisi to Saakashvili lusting for safety and peaceful life for our families…. They promised us lots of good things then… free medicines and job to earn living… Those were mere words…. Fancy, now authorities in Tbilisi are just kicking us out of the dilapidated buildings they themselves settled us in previously!! There are lots of kids and aged people among us, many of them in need of medical care….
But Saakashvili cares little about us. He evidently sees us as under-humans just. Though he is not any better to “the first grade Georgians” living in poverty mainly in Georgia. But for foreigners Saakashvili make regular showings to make them believe life’s up to the mark in this country.
Imho when Saakashvili is making it out with South Ossetia or Abkhazia he is just trying to divert the local populace attention from their bad living and inner country’s challenges.Could you please consult on where to seek for help and support in the west.
I do feel sorry for you and your nation and your people. I felt the same way when my country were being screwed up by various dictators and politicians. I say your last sentence, and I'm ashamed to say that there'll be no help in from the West. The US maybe, but you need public attention to get help. If you want it from the US, then I suggest (though I have no experience in these matters) that you contact CNN, or some other American news source to have the issue of your country's problem raised. If you seek help from Europe, then I have no suggestions. Europe is in chaos, and can't even manage its own poor people. Anyway, what did the EU did when Russia invaded Georgia? Nothing. It will likely do nothing to help your country. Sorry.
I dunno mate, Saakashvili was supported by American and European governments and engaged in a number of anti-democratic abuses. We said nothing then. Then Abkhazia and S. Ossetia blew up and we provided limp wristed support (America sat it out and Europe organised a peace deal in favour of Russian interests, perhaps we both knew Saakashvili was playing a diversionary tactic in antagonising the great power and raised a white flag). We play a part in the reason you're in this mess so I'm not sure we're the place to go to looking for help...
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