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Watchman's Rattle by Rebecca Costa


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Aug 16, 2010
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Why can’t we solve our problems anymore? Why do threats such as the Gulf oil spill, worldwide recession, global warming, terrorism, and pandemic viruses suddenly seem unstoppable? These are the questions Rebecca Costa confronts – and offers a solution to –in her show and much anticipated and game-changing book, The Watchman’s Rattle.

Costa pulls headlines from today’s news to show how accelerating complexity quickly outpaces the rate at which the human brain can evolve new capabilities to manage it. With compelling evidence based upon research into the rise and fall of the Mayan, Khmer and Roman empires, Costa shows how insurmountable complexity causes a civilization to quick-fix problems by focusing on symptoms — instead of finding permanent solutions — which leads to frightening long-term consequences. Eventually, a society’s ability to solve its most threatening problems becomes gridlocked, progress slows, and collapse ensues.

A provocative new voice in the tradition of thought leaders Thomas Friedman, Jared Diamond and Malcolm Gladwell, Costa reveals how we can reverse the downward spiral. Part history, part social science, part biology, The Watchman’s Rattle is sure to provoke, engage and incite change.

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or Rebecca D. Costa: The Watchman
It sounds like an interesting read. However, I think coming up with theories in a book and actual real world application are two very different things. However, one must obviously come up with a plan to do our best to slow these things down or stop them. I might give it a further look on your attachments there.
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