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Was Sam Adams & Thomas Jefferson & Friends from outer space (1 Viewer)


Jan 14, 2005
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Hi fellow D.P members When I read our constution of the UNITED STATES I have to wonder if our fore fathers :hm were from outer space WHY you ask ?

Spell check not working today I know it's that pop up BLOCKER

Because even today I do not think their are people SMART enough to write anything so BEAUTFUL I don't know about you but I'm blown away every time I think of this :hm OUTSTANDING document

True they made a few mistakes i.e believeing the BLACKS are NOT MEN
& not allowing woman to vote however all things considered it is ONE AWESOME document

P.S They also were smart enogh to know they were NOT PERFECT so they made it a living document :hm allowing it to be changed as our time change


The writing is beautiful, no question about that. Beautiful writing was more common in those days as a result of the classic education of the elite.

The principal thing they had going for them in writing the Constitution was the lack of well organized special interests. The one special interest that was well organized, Slavery, almost killed it. Only a shameful compromise allowed it to happen, and this had to be sorted out seventy years or so later. We are still trying to sort it out. Another special interest that heavily influenced the document was not really a problem. Almost the entire membership of the committee were landed gentlemen, and their view of the world went into it.

No such document could possibly be written today.
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