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Was Gagarin really the first man in space? The USSR's 'lost cosmonauts' - Truthloader


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Apr 13, 2011
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A series of recordings made by two Italian brothers in the early 1960s suggest that, before Yuri Gagarin successfully blasted off into orbit and returned home, several Soviet astronauts perished, their pleas for help caught on tape. We take a look at whether the Soviet Union really did cover up its early space disasters.

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Was Gagarin really the first man in space? The USSR's 'lost cosmonauts' - Truthloader Investigates - YouTube

We all know that the USSR was very oppressive and controlled information very tightly. Some recordings that have been revealed that the USSR could of launched many more cosmonauts and covered up their deaths. Do you believe that the USSR launched more cosmonauts and did not release their info only leaving us with some recordings that sound of people dying?
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