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Warning! Don't Suck Your Teeth in NYC


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Feb 12, 2013
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At least not when around any feral youths.


When one of the girls struck her elbow as they passed the victim sucked her teeth — a sign of disrespect in some cultures.

She never said a word but the sound the victim made as she drew in breath through her clenched teeth was enough to set the teens off, cops were told.

The cruel quartet knocked the woman to the ground and began punching and kicking her...

In NYC, bumping into someone can elicit a host of different reactions. Most involve angry gestures and words that the forum will automatically censor. The sound of someone sucking their teeth seems like it would be pretty low on the offensive scale. Sounds like they were just a spark away from exploding, and if it wasn't her it would have been something else in the vicinity.
...then the victim pulled her .45 and blew away two of the four assailants.

oh, I am sorry, you said it was in New York, where no one is allowed to effectively protect themselves.

In Texas we have FERAL PIGS rather than FERAL YOUTHS, but it seems even our feral pigs are better mannered and behaved.
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