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Want More ‘Panama Papers’? Here’s How

Simpleχity;1065768326 said:
Want More ‘Panama Papers’? Here’s How

The world needs investigative journalism more than ever — but it doesn’t come for free.

Interesting article, thanks...

Investigative reporting is hard, and like all difficult skills, it takes the proverbial 10,000 hours to master it.


It’s also hard to find investigative editors to do the work of training new reporters. They tend to shy away from foreign government money and often don’t understand the limits and priorities of organizations that provide media assistance. There aren’t even that many of them in the first place — maybe 10,000 investigative reporters worldwide at most, and only hundreds of experienced editors. Good ones are expensive, curmudgeonly and prone to quit.
Interesting article, thanks...


Investigative journalism can just be Downright dangerous and that's not even really talking about places that are journalist unfriendly like North Korea or China.

Not as if there are investigative journalists running around Pyongyang.

Brazil and Mexico I believe are the most dangerous countries for journalists, especially investigative ones that poke their noses in places that wind them up dead rather quickly, such as official corruption or drug trafficking.

They are a brave few... Far braver than most people I have ever known.
of course it is a hazardous job. you are looking into things that are usually not on the up and up and those carry very big dangers.
more so when it involved peoples of power.

however those people on that list in the US should be prosecuted for IRS fraud and tax evasion.

of course when dealing with an organization that is already breaking the law itself I doubt anything will be done.
Forbes Welcome

amazing that the IRS encourages identify theft which is a criminal offense.
Exposing The Clinton Global Financial Network

Revelations in the Panama Papers that key Clinton financial partners had numerous offshore entities is the latest investigation to expose the secretive Clinton Global Financial Network.

That network, which includes controversial financiers and foreign entities, has operated with the infusion of funds from offshore accounts and entities around the world. And there are more revelations to come.

As the Panama Papers reveal, major Clinton financial partners, including Canadian mining magnate Frank Giustra and the Chagoury family of Nigeria, made use of the controversial Panamian law firm Mossack Fonseca to move assets around the world. Giustra is one of the largest contributors to the Clinton Foundation, donating more than $25 million. The Chagoury’s of Nigeria have committed $1 billion to the Clinton Global Initiative

Exposing The Clinton Global Financial Network - Breitbart
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