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WADA 'Bitterly Disappointed' at Russia's Failure to Meet Deadline (1 Viewer)

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Apr 18, 2013
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WADA 'Bitterly Disappointed' at Russia's Failure to Meet Deadline


Russia Anti-Doping Agency (RUSADA)

The World Anti-Doping Agency on Tuesday said that Russian authorities had failed to provide access to laboratory doping data by their year-end deadline and it will consider sanctions against the Russian Anti-Doping Agency (RUSADA). RUSADA was stripped of its accreditation in 2015 after a WADA-commissioned report found evidence of widespread state-sponsored doping in Russian athletics. But it was conditionally — and controversially — reinstated in September. "I am bitterly disappointed that data extraction from the former Moscow Laboratory has not been completed by the date agreed by WADA's (executive committee) in September 2018," said WADA President Craig Reedie. "Since then, WADA has been working diligently with the Russian authorities to meet the deadline, which was clearly in the best interest of clean sport. The process agreed by WADA's ExCo in September will now be initiated."

"In September, WADA secretly moved the goal posts and reinstated Russia against the wishes of athletes, governments and the public. "In doing this, WADA guaranteed Russia would turn over the evidence of its state-supported doping scheme by today. "No-one is surprised this deadline was ignored, and it's time for WADA to stop being played by the Russians and immediately declare them non-compliant for failing yet again to meet the deadline." The United Kingdom Anti-Doping Agency athlete commission and Drug Free Sport New Zealand were among the groups that called on WADA to find RUSADA non-compliant for missing the deadline. "Time for negotiation and compromise with Russia is now past," said Nick Paterson, chief executive for Drug Free Sport NZ. "Clean sport and clean athletes deserve our support. "It is time to stand strong, and all those involved in the fight against doping to stand together."

Should come as no surprise. Moscow does not honor charter's, treaties, the Geneva Conventions, Maritime Law, verbal/written agreements, ceasefires, and international court rulings. Russia is a pariah state.
Ban the lot of them, totally untrustworthy the whole lot of these Russian sports bosses and their horrendous political sponsors.

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