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Vote The Issues

Not only vote the issue, vote for the canidate not the party. I for one am so sick of attack ads. Many in Az are not addressing the issue, telling us where they stand on the issues, they attack each other. IMO, it would be nice to vote most of them out.
I totally agree with the sentiments, but practically speaking it seems getting the facts out is easier said than done. Everyone accuses any place with a different set of facts than their own as being biased in some way and a lot of places completely misuse facts (I particularly hate people who use absolute figures for things like debt, unemployment, or most spending figures rather than relative ones in proportion to the size of the economy). Sifting through the crap isn't easy and is very hard for those not significantly invested in politics. Some sites like FactCheck.org help, but probably aren't visited by most voters. Instead they get their information from campaign ads (which I must say is probably the second worst place to get political facts from the only place worse being chain emails). Word of mouth from those who can find the real info is great, but insufficient to produce a truly informed electorate.

Pleas like this don't hurt, and if enough people get tired of yelling at each other maybe things will calm down, but I'm not sure there is a reliable method to really inform the public of the issues. If that sounds pretty pessimistic towards democracy, maybe, but I'd like to note a significantly misinformed public (which is the norm not the exception in a democracy) hasn't completely screwed up the Western World. In fact we've done fairly well overall so even if people don't really learn the facts, at least that doesn't prevent some level of decent governance.
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