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Vote NO 4 Incumbent


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Nov 4, 2005
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Perhaps someone would like to start one here or join the one I created on Yahoo!. http://groups.yahoo.com/group/voteno4incumbent/ I am fed up with the issues that have bogged Congress down, many issues have gone unattended to, or given minimal attention at best. This applies to both political parties, that is not the issue. In a time of War, there is NO time to spare with the attitude of "we'll get to it tomorrow or next week or next month. It's time to send a very loud wake up call, without bias towards either party. All of them are responsible for the mess, by involvement or lack thereof.

There is no better time than now to bring a voter assault on Congress. Many of our Representatives have made a career of corruption in the Halls of Congress. This Group is the top level of what is a grass roots project by the people and for the people to bring about change. The talent and moral obligations to represent each State and the Country is without a doubt out there someplace. The hope is that some of todays younger generations will step forward to replace many of those in office who are now more involved in the "good old boy's club" rather than the business of the people. This group is a stepping stone to bring more citizens across the country on board with this project. Volunteers from each State willing to give of their time to start a Vote NO for Incumbent within their State are needed.

The intent is to prove to Congress that we can and will reiterate that statement that they work for the people of the United States and not the other way around. With polls and statistics not known on who will choose the Vote NO for Incumbent in each voting booth on Election Day, this campaign surely will gain their attention. Let us not miss the golden opportunity of coming together in a mutual effort in making in known that the voice of the people will never again land upon deaf ears in the Halls of Congress.

In beginning this campaign, it is requested that you email those you know across the nation to join this effort (spam is strictly prohibited). This is a forum on how to best accomplish our goal together, as well as to become part of an ongoing project that is not particular to one political party or the other. It is recommened that you send an email to your own Representatives as a courtesy that this effort is underway. Be polite if you do this!

Once again, this group is to prove we can and will shake up the Halls of Congress on Election Day. The opportunity to prove, that collectively, the power of the people must be listened to.
To mindlessly vote against someone simply because they are an incumbent is as asinine as to vote for someone simply because they are an incumbent.

Sorry but I find your plan to be a silly thing.
galenrox said:
It depends on who's running against my incumbants. It's very unlikely that I'll vote for anyone over Jim Leach, and it depends on who's gonna run against Tom Harkin, it'll take a hell of a wo/man to top him.

Imagine that, Actually looking at the candidates, comparing and contrasting them, then voting for the better one. Are you sure that is better than some mindless system? :rofl
galenrox said:
I don't know, mindless you say? That sounds pretty cool, and anyone could do it!

Anyone? Even Buchanan and Robertson voters?
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