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The legend

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May 12, 2005
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Chris W. Jones is a new MP campaigning for your vote in Harrogate, Yorkshire. his policies include:
1)upping the amount of white people emigrating to Britain
2) More Keynesian policies.
3) Free porn for all
4) Distance britain from Europe even more and have no Euro' immigrants.
5) Higher tuition fees for ethnic minorities.
6) Stay in Iraq and Nuke it if they keep on rebelling.
7) he beleives in capital punishment.
8)anyone who commits fraud (especially single mothers) should be killed with a single shot to the head.
9) The re-establishment of the british empire.
Would you vote for this man of 20?
Campaigning for what exactly? We've just had an election, the next one is in 4 years.

I really hope you are taking the **** like. Either that or your UKIP or worse BNP.
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