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Viktor Yushchenko Poisoned?


Nov 9, 2004
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By dioxin. I feel bad because I looked at him one time and just thought his hard look was due to the cold and hard weathered lifestyle of Ukraine. Little did I know he was surviving attempted murder! Have you seen the before and after pictures? Wow.

Dick Morris was on Hannity & Colmes and reveres Yushchenko. He appears worth it.

He does not look good.
I am most impressed with the fact that he is still pushing forward, despite his enemies' attempt to kill him (twice).
I've heard he is a forward-thinking, progressive person that favors the West while I believe his opponent is more autocratic and favors stronger relations with Russia.

I glad Yushchenko won. I think he'll be good for Ukraine.
We nead more forward thinking people in the world.
Three dead men who built up mar Yuschenko’s success.
1. Mr. Hetman, former head of Ukrainian State Banc (Yu, has been the second man of this structure) was shot exactly before Yuschenco become doing his job. Mr. Hetman was also a godfather of Yu’s first wife, and few months after Mr. Hetman’s assassination Yu divorced, and got married once again with Clare Chumachenco (American citizen of Ukrainian decent)
2. Vecheslav Chornovil – Right-winged leading MP and former (soviet time) dissident was killed in a car crash, which were called by many of Ukrainian experts as assassination. After his death, Yuschenco has become to be an informal leader of Ukrainian right-winged politicians. The fact is that son of Mr. Chornovil, despite a family traditions, has become to be a one of best allies of Mr. Yanukovits – Mr. Yuschenko’s contender.
3. George Gongadze – Ukrainian journalist. His tragic disappearance upraised protests all over Ukraine. During those protests, Ukrainian right-winged made a political block with socialists. So, Yu has got about a 25% of his future supporters. The fact is, that Yu did not support those riots. He even signed so cold “ resolution of Tree (as a prime minister with former president and parliament speaker) which named protesters as nothing but Nazis.
P.S Yu served his military service in Border guard, which was a department of KGB. So, he is former KGB officer. Let me remind you a cynical joke of another leader with KGB past – Russian V.Putin – “There is no former among intelligence community”.
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