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Simon W. Moon

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Apr 20, 2005
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Thought I'd offer a little bit of self-important mumbling. Possibly some will find insight into my posts and thoughts from this. Also, I'd just like to make these things a matter of record.

Even though it's so important to me, my doctor and the judge that I believe all of our current politicians and their appointees are honestly and earnestly acting only in what they see as the best interests of America now and to come, on occasion, I harbor fleeting concerns that one day a person who is something less than sterling may slip past the voters or be accidentally appointed to a public trust. One day a politician who puts his own interests and the interests of those who ply him with funds and favors above the best interests of the Americans he serves could find his way into a public trust.

Course, I realize how unlikely it is that such a thing'd occur again in our lifetimes. Yet, it'll occur in some Americans' lifetimes. It may happen in the next hundred months. It may not happen til after the next one hundred years. No matter how long it takes, it's sure to occur. The electorate must actively preserve and acquire all necessary tools to find skullduggery and the appearances of skullduggery. When used properly, these limit the damage potential of hugger mugger scoundrels and reprobates in positions of public trust. The electorate must also actively preserve and acquire all necessary tools to end and correct such perfidy as it is discovered.
As Gee Dubya the First's s'posed t'said, "[government] is a dangerous servant".

These fleeting concerns are fundamental etiological components of and symptoms of my congenital conservatism. I was born with a hereditary, cantankerous, antigubmint disposition. I take my brain medicine exactly as prescribed. It eases my condition (the cantankerousness) somewhat.​

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