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Video survey: Blacks questioned about condescending white leftist views on voter ID (1 Viewer)


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Jul 22, 2013
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This may be the best, most telling video I've seen in at least a month. It illustrates the extraordinarily low opinion that many progressives have when it comes to the basic mental competency of black people(the "soft bigotry of low expectations"). First, a video survey is taken at Berkeley U, where many progressive students are asked about voter ID laws. Of course, they claim that being required to m acquire an ID is racist and oppressive. They are asked why they oppose such requirements. They are even informed that ID's can be acquired online, without any need for a trip to the DMV or any gov't offices. They explain how that's STILL racist and unfair, because many blacks are simply incapable of figuring out computers and internet.

Then regular, everyday black folks are asked how THEY feel about getting an ID, whether or not they are 'capable' of getting an ID, and they are educated about the opinions of the progressives who were first surveyed. Not at all surprisingly, they DONT agree with the bigoted assessments of their inherent mental competency!

You're saying that the entirety of this video was shot in the Berkeley and Harlem areas?

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