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Video: If the devil is in the details, the 'Paris Climate Agreement' is hell...!! (1 Viewer)


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Jul 22, 2013
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This isn't a global warming debate thread, and although I know that MANY politicians, activists, multinational corporations and corrupt govts have twisted and spun climate change for their own political, ideological or financial benefit, I'm of the mind that we should reduce pollution either way. But I'm NOT putting my blind faith in these people to do the right things, and YOU shouldn't either! The Paris Climate Accords are just another example of that deception and corruption. Once again, we were told by the progressive politicians, activists, and the media that the Paris agreement was/is a fantastic opportunity to help the environment, and the signatory countries were praised as heroes by the media for their 'contributions' and their 'sacrifice' to mother nature by taking part in this 'historic agreement'.

Well, once again, the media have conveniently omitted the actual details of this allegedly wonderful 'agreement'. Thars probably because the details make the agreement look like a complete farse. In reality, the ONLY country in this 'agreement' who promised truly substantive and expensive reforms, was America! The emerging economies like China and India seem to have been allowed to use the Paris agreement to move BACKWARDS in pollution and CO2 emissions reduction!

Unlike the mainstream news media, John Stossel has actually done some legitimate journalism, and exposed this farse for what it really is!

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This is an interesting argument. So the Paris Climate Accord is meaningless because other nations aren't pledging to do anything substantive with the exception of the US which did plan on cutting emissions significantly. So the argument is why should we do anything because no one else is doing it? Man, what happened to leading by example? Reducing emissions should be something we continue to do and as we become successful, then take steps to have other nations follow in our footsteps. Even if other nations don't follow, we reduce emissions to make our own environment better. My feeling toward the accord was it serving as a first step to have the nations of the world agree to do something, and build from there. Sometimes getting people to agree as a collective is a victory in itself. This argument that we shouldn't be contributing is silly because we should be doing this for ourselves anyway.
The politics of climate change is stupid. Democrats think they are on the side of virtue and scientific truth, while Republicans are in denial.

Whatever might be the real truth about climate change, it probably isn't good, since we have been trashing the planet for a long time now. However, there is nothing obvious that can solve it. Even if every upper middle class Democrat in America gets solar panels on their roof and drives electric cars, that won't fix the climate.

The Democrats I know are screaming about global warming, while flying around the world in jets whenever they feel like it. They haven't cut back on driving cars either, although admittedly gas mileage is better now and some are partly electric. Still that won't help.

The developing world is industrializing, and as far as I know progressive Democrats are happy about that. Why should we prevent the whole world from eating at McDonalds and getting heart disease? It's a human right.

As air travel increases, and as the world industrializes, pollution will just get worse. Since there is no ruler of the entire world (hopefully there isn't), no one can prevent this.

Maybe nuclear powered cars and airplanes are the answer, but who really wants that?

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