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Vera Farmiga 100% Ukrainian American Actress...expresses the pain of her people. (1 Viewer)


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Sep 28, 2011
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Vera Farmiga is an accomplished actress staring in many films; however, I know her through her role in the TV series of Bates Motel. Her performance was perfect. Here she reads a poem, from a Ukrainian poet who was murdered by Soviet police, beaten to death.

In 1962, Symonenko together with his friends A.Horska and Les Tanyuk uncovered the burial places of NKVD repressions in Bykivnia, Lukianivskyi and Vasyslkivskyi cemeteries near Kyiv.
In 1963 Symonenko was beaten badly the local militsiya at the Smila railway station. He never recovered from kidney failure and died soon after in the local hospital on December 13, 1963.
He was 28 years old at his time of death...

Here is a link to the horrific mass graves of Ukrainians murdered by Stalin in the purges...

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