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Vauge: How did you advertise this site?


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Nov 12, 2004
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You and I orginally had a post exchange when we started our respective political sites and yours has really taken off. I am looking for advice.
Joe said:
You and I orginally had a post exchange when we started our respective political sites and yours has really taken off. I am looking for advice.

The overall thought is "Don't be strict"...We have some here, irrelavent of political affiliation, that we allow to speak their piece...

Look at the posts from 26X World Champs, Navy Pride, or Aryan Imperium...

All are from the extreme positions of their respective affiliations, but we still allow them to exist...If we had an agenda, like most websites do, they would be outta here in a New York Minute...

But we are willing to allow those with extreme positions to hang around and debate...as long as they stay within the rules provided by this forum...The Moderator Team is parted right down the line, and we attempt to portray that "evenness" to the forum...If a Mod get "out of hand" they will deal with the other Mods before it becomes an issue for all of the forum members...

When a member cries "bias", the rest of the forum members can see that the Mods are actually dependant upon each other to perform their "Moderation", thus eliminating the "bias" they are accused of doing...I'm a Conservative...If the Mod Team felt I was moderating more from affiliation than an "equal opportunity Moderator", they would "drop the hammer" on me in a flash...

This leads to an "even keel"...No one on this forum feels they are a lost soul...They always have someone to back up their feelings...as long as they abide by forum rules, of course...:2wave:
I agree with cnredd, but that is only after the folks are here.

To get started, we utilized the heck out of google adwords - up to 100$ a month. It was crazy and the wife quickly let me know that this hobby was way too expensive. I shut off the ads. But that grave us a few users to get started.

Many of the older posters here know that we are not out to make a profit or any money. We simply want to learn, discuss and sometimes debate. All while hopefully paying the bills. We have become a community of online friends. :violin Not only do we present the idea from day 1 of a potential user seeing the site, we also do our best to act out what we preach in our disclaimer.

That gets links from users sites, gets word of mouth out and gets people searching specifically for DP on the search engines. Add all of this together and you now have the recipe.

Word of caution: Don't create a forum to get rich - you will soon be disappointed.
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