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Vanity Fair Essay



in class we were assigned to do this assignment for a Writing/SEL (social emotional learning) class.

The following is the prompt:

"More than 30 years ago, young people across the

country staged sit-ins for civil rights, got up and protested

against a misguided, undeclared war, and actually gave a damn

if a president lied to them. Although a lot has changed since

then, there are still racial divides, and America is once

again mired in a largely controversial war. Back in the 1960s

and 70s, a similar climate motivated great numbers of young

people to act, organize, and take to the streets in defiance.

Today, it seems as if younger Americans are content to watch

their MTV, fiddle with their game players, follow the love

lives of Brad, Jen, Jessica, and Paris, and assume that hard

work is being done for them by others. What has changed? Is it

simply that we do not have motivating factors such as a draft

or Kent State to bring us together, to anger us? What is going

on inside the minds of American youth today?

In 1,500 words or fewer, explain what is on the minds of

America's youth."

Ironically you have to be 18 to write this essay....

My argument is that protesting has taken mostly to the online front by the youth of america due to the constant pressuring of afterschool activities and constant homework drawing us away from other activities.

Any thoughts?
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