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USA revenge



IMHO there are too many disturbances in France of late. Islamists in November, 2005, and students now. I suspect that they both have the same organizer.
Obviously France is in the soup with USA because of too independent French foreign policy. Americans are reckoning with French for such “insolence” and inflaming minds of the most unstable orders of French society.
And I reckon that these are the USA who are meddling insolently into other countries’ affairs and that Europeans shouldn’t follow American tastes and adhere to US policy. We have our own interests and no one should tell us what to do!
Americans had already used this tactics of forcible obtrusion of their policy. In the latter half of 70-s there were similar student disturbances in Iran. And they lost in the end for the Shakh regime was overthrown.
That’s widespread practice of US treatment of another countries. They’re used to impose their will in other countries and they make no difference if it is Georgia or Turkey or Ukraine or France. They can make mistakes and lose some influence or money. But mostly it has little effect on them. Instead those suffer who’re at hand and who’re concerned directly by these disasters. And I think that Europeans should fight both against American influence spreading and terrorism!!!
IMHO there are too many disturbances in France of late.

I see you lack knowledge of France then. French farmers are known for thier summer protests by dumping cow manure on busy freeways and so on. Then again so do the dutch and a few other countries. Spanish farmers like to dump tomatoes though..

Islamists in November, 2005,

Well depends on what you mean by islamists. Yes a large part of the protests were done by unemployed french muslim youth who feel hunted by the establishment (especially after 9/11 and 7/7). But solely french muslims, hardly. If you mean by islamists as in radical koran waving blood thirsty wackos of the middle east... then hell no.

and students now.

LOL lets see. The French students protested during the 60s 70s 80s, 90s... and now... so freaking what. The Danish students protested a few years ago too.... islamists I bet!!!! Students in Europe and especially in France are very political and active so of course if there is something that they dont agree with, they will protest. Are there some idiots who turn small parts into violent protest.. yes, but a huge majority is very peacefull.

I suspect that they both have the same organizer.

So the riots in 2005 was organised by the French unions? Because thats who is organising the protests now but hey, maybe you know something that the French goverment, people, all of Europe and the world does not.. who knows.

As for the rest could not be bothered to read it..
Sherm said:
IMHO there are too many disturbances in France of late. Islamists in November, 2005, and students now. I suspect that they both have the same organizer.

It couldn't have happened to a nicer people. I hear you Europeans say all the time how you dislike American politicians not the American people, well even though that scum bag Chirac was in the pocket of Saddam Hussein I'd have to say that we also hate the French people, you side with tyrants and despots rather than the country that liberated you from the very same types of people that you now support just so you can stick a knife in the back of a country which sacrificed hundreds of thousands of lives for your freedom. Why don't you show some gratitude?
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