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US Suspension of Dr Nafies visit serious mistake (1 Viewer)


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Oct 17, 2012
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Whatever the reason, US has committed serious and complex mistake when it suspended the visit of the Presidential Aid, Dr Nafie Ali Nafie to Washington for talks with US officials on full restoration of bilateral ties

The visit was suspended following Sudans decision stopping flow of South Sudan oil via its territories in response to Jubas support to the rebel groups in Sudan .

The biased move will disqualify Washington to mediate between the two countries and make the restoration of the Sudanese-American relations difficult.

Washington is seeking to see Juba with good economy, good health service, and food security and has no displacement and refuge problems.

Washington good relations with both Juba nd Khartoum is beneficial to the prosperity of South Sudan which depends mainly on Khartoum.

Sudan has survived for 25 years without US and will continue to survive without it, said Dr Ghazi Salah Eddin speaking to the former US envoy to Sudan, Scott Gration

If Khartoum seeks to improve its ties with Washington, that doesnt mean Washington is as important as air. Like any country, Sudan is seeking to entrench itself in all international organizations.

If Sudan was willing to have good ties with Washington at any price, it would have accepted all American dictations and Jubas mistakes. It’s known that that Washington is lobbied by some groups including Jewish organizations which obstructed normalization of Sudanese-US ties.

US||s carrot and stick policy tends to succumb and make Sudan responsive to South Sudans demands

Unfortunately, some Sudanese opposition parties are pleased with USs decision suspending Dr Nafies visit. Sudan hasnt asked for the visit. It was US which reached out to him with the invitation and not the ruling National Congress Party (NCP).

The decision has put Washington in critical position and received political because Sudan can stop South Sudans pipeline at any time Juba becomes threat to Khartoum.

US, the empty super power, has to narrow the gap between Khartoum and Juba so as to be accepted as impartial mediator.
Seems like a lot of hogwash in what you posted.

ALso, you failed to provide any source for the material you presented, and it's clear that is taken from somewhere.
Seems like a lot of hogwash in what you posted.

ALso, you failed to provide any source for the material you presented, and it's clear that is taken from somewhere.

It was taken from here......

US Suspension of Dr Nafies visit serious mistake

The same person (or at least the same username) posted it on another forum only gave the link to it in that forum. I'm guessing that it was a mistake he made...at least I'm hoping so, otherwise it would be copyright infringement considering he posted the whole thing in its entirety.

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