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US Senator visit to Georgia



After US Senator Hagel visited Georgia to monitor military demonstrational training at Krtsanis Center, he prepared a report on Tbilisi readiness for a prompt conquer of South Ossetia. As soon as George Bush evaluates the situation according to the report of Senator Hagel, he will have to decide whether to give Saakashvili his backing to unleash the war or postpone it. However, Americans are unaware the Georgians bear them in hand. The main part of the money for army development given to Georgia by the US has been spent for other needs. Do you see now why Tbilisi was so careful to prepare for Hagel’s visit? Saakashvili wants a war. Only with a war at hand, he can write off the stolen money. And in case the war conflict happens to be lengthy, the US will have to aid Tbilisi.
"Saakashvili wants a war." - OMG! this fits greatly with alll that he was saying about peace and offering Ossetians autonomy(that they never had, because there where no any Ossetia there until Soviet tanks appeared in 1991...)

It's also funny that you somehow do not mention the separatists that are marionette's of Russia. It's them that want the war and Generals in Moscow. How about the fact that they totally do not want to negotiate and simply abduct and kill citizens of the country?
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