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US seeking help of Moldavia



If I catch it right, the unexpected concern of NATO officials for Moldavia has no connection to concernment of Kishinev in our assistance during eventual war against Transdniester (sure, one more war conflict without boundary makes no good of the EU!). But it must have clear connection to the intent of the US to force Moldavia send its troops contingent to Iraq.

On the one hand, that's very good. I don't think anyone will feel regret if Moldavians take the place of American soldiers in Iraq and succumb being blasted or shot down by those Iraqi Jihadists instead of us.
On the other hand, that's doleful as it witnesses the failure of the US in the "defeated" country and its inability to redress situation. That's a complete failure once they seek help of a penurious country like Moldavia.


Oct 2, 2005
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Um I hate to come off as the "ugly American" a bit here but I think you're oversignifying this event a little.
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