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US-Israeli relationship - Page 1 of 3


Aug 28, 2005
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Far from Meccah
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US-Israeli relationship

Much criticism has been perpetuated by Arabs / Muslims, Anti-Semitic elements around the world, as well others whom may not be fully informed as to the nature of the U.S.-Israeli relationship. These vociferous contention of United States unwavering support of Israel. Few wonder why Israel, with no oil, few natural resources, and little strategic value, vis-a-vis other Arab countries in Middle East and Gulf region, it enjoys the support of United State. Here are few reasons why.

NATIONAL: Israel was founded on 15 May 1948, as result of UN Resolution 181. Of the 57 Islamic and Arab countries, only four states have formally recognized this Jewish state.
Some Leaders of the Islamic world, perceive and perpetuate false notions that, Israel was created through conspiracy by western “Crusaders” to “implant the Zionist infidels in the heart of Arab land” and “Jews Rule the World by proxy”. A theory of which U.S. rejects as utter nonsense.

ISRAEL'S SECURITY: Ever since its foundation, and to date, this nation of only 6.9 Million Jews, Christian and Muslim citizens, Israel has been facing constant threat to its very existence, from 350+ Million Arabs and Muslims. U.S will not allow minority groups, or a country to face yet another threat of genocide, and annihilation of a democratic state, as it did not allow it in Europe during WWII, Bosnia in 1996, and in Kuwait in 1991.

GEOPOLITICAL: U.S. and Western countries have extensive economic and strategic interests in the Gulf & Middle East region. With exception of Israel & Turkey, all other states in that region are governed by un-elected and unpredictable dictators. These rulers control more than 70% of oil reserve on earth - the lifeblood of the Industrialized nations economies. Unchecked, and with weapons of mass destruction in their possession, any of these despotic rulers there, is capable of destabilizing the region, and cause major catastrophic war among all nations. A prospect to which, U.S. and rest of the civilized world cannot allow.

Contrary to Arabs contention, strong and prosperous Israel, it contributes to the stability of this fragile region, as it has done so far. Without Israeli deterrence and actions to stop his nuclear arm programs in 1981 - Former Iraqi dictator, Saddam Hussein, would have controlled almost all the oil supply from this region, and the holiest places to Islam in Mecca & Media. Backed by nuclear and Chemical weapons in his possession, he would not have hesitated to unleash them on his neighbors, and Israel, as he did to the Iraqi-Kurds in 1988. He would have swallowed Jordan for breakfast. Much like he did with Kuwait, and attempted to do the same with kingdom of Saudi Arabia in 1990, when he was defeated by U.S. and its allies during the 1991 Gulf War.

The late Arafat, and his Palestinians, would have overthrown the kingdom of Jordan in September 1970, and the Christian led government of Lebanon, in 1981 as he attempted to do respectively. Only to be converted into a nest of Palestinian religious extremist, threatening the stability in the region. Lebanon would ceases to exist as a sovereign state, to become a Syrian province. Until they were kicked out in April 2005. Together with Iran, they would convert this former peaceful and prosperous little country into the terrorist group of Hizbollah, to be used as staging area to launch more intensified and deadly terror attacks against anybody, or any country which does not adhere to their strict interpretation of Shi'aa Islam, as they did in 1983 in Beirut, and WTC in 1993.

GOVERNMENTS: U.S. & Israel, are both governed by democratic institutions. Based on freedom of speech and expression, accorded to their respective citizens. Both countries, encourage polemics, civilized social discourse, respect to rule of law and constitution. Both nations (along with other democracies that is) see these qualities as means to strengthen their societies.
Unfortunately Arabs, and most Muslims believe otherwise. They do not practice democracy, nor do they allow discourse, nor religious dissension.
HISTORY & RELIGION: Absolute majority of Americans are of the Christian belief. They believe Jesus was a Jew. He lived and preached in Jerusalem and its surroundings 2000 years ago. Therefore, they DO believe in Jews ancestral right to the land, and support the Jewish legitimacy as a religion, thus the Israeli sovereignty over Jerusalem, and the State of Israel.

Unfortunately, most Muslims, and almost all Arabs never accepted the existence of Israel as a sovereign state. Rather, they perceive Jews in Israel as “settlers” and “foreign colonial occupiers”. Not withstanding the fact that, former head of the Palestinians, the late Yasser Arafat, himself was born in, and had immigrated from Egypt to the Palestinian West Bank. Furthermore, some fundamentalist Muslims question the legitimacy of the Jewish religion, and label it as mere cult, created in Eastern Europe by the Zionists in early 18th Century. They dismiss the authenticity of the Old Testament, and claim it to have been written by “Protocols of Elders of Zion”, to provide the Jews with road map to rule the world. A notion, contrary to most Americans basic belief in history and theology of their own religion.

SOCIAL & CULTURAL: Ever since late 1950's when Israel had transformed itself from a socialist state to a market driven economy, it became an ally of U.S. and other western countries, not only for economic reasons, but also for its survival as an independent and democratic Jewish state. Israeli government and its society have invested a great deal of time and effort to understand the American people, their form of government, social values, and their way of life. As result, U.S.-Israeli administrations and their respective societies have found more common ground with each other then ever before. As their economic and political ties strengthened, so their friendship.
While its citizens have maintained their respective ancient heritage, religious, cultural and the language of Hebrew, Israel has embraced many of the American’s economic models and practices, to which, it is the contributing factor in the rise of the Israelis standard of living today.

Unfortunately, most Arabs and extreme elements in Islam, chose to close themselves in - culturally, socially, and economically. Despite the Trillions of Dollars earned from Oil revenues, average Arab citizen lives at, or below the poverty line. Oppressed by his fundamentalist, or ruthless military leader. He is kept ignorant of the world outside his own cultural and religious perimeters. While his backward, despotic, and corrupt ruler, lives in multiple palaces, stashes billions of Dollars of public money in his private foreign accounts, along with other hidden assets.

Arab & Muslims, complain that “Americans don’t understand neither Islam, nor Muslims”. While it is true to some degree, they themselves spend little time to understand the Americans, or the western civilizations, even among those Muslims who live in the West. This cultural of myopic and ignorance, inevitably it leads them to falsely pin their social and economical ills on Israel, and continue to vilify U.S. and other western countries as the “ugly domineering imperialists.” Otherwise, commit heinous terror attack against their fellow non-Muslims civilians, such as in Madrid, London, Hague, to name a few.

Arabs and Jews are decedents of the same Semitic groups. Nearly 55% of Israeli population had immigrated from Islamic countries in the region. In fact, Israel’s current President, and its Defense Minister, and Head of IDF, all were born and grew up in Iran. Its former, and current Foreign Minister were born and immigrated from Tunis and Morocco. Other former defense ministers, were born in, and had immigrated from Iraq.
It is ironic that today, Israelis with their long history in that region, have more common with countries in other continents, then the ones across their own borders.

PARALLEL HISTORY & DEVELOPMENT: As immigrants themselves during the 18th & 19th Century, most Americans appreciate hard working & industrious people, as the Israelis are. During their formation periods, both nations pulled their best human resources, and with determination have created prosperous nations from deserts. Americans have much admiration to the Israeli achievements from which, despite their formidable odds of survival, they managed to provide their citizen with one of the highest standard of living in the world in just 58 years.

HUMANITARIAN: Throughout their 3,500 history and haritage in that region, Israelite Jews were twice expelled from their land (Babylonians in 546 ACE, and by the Romans in 73 ACE). Subsequently they were scattered around the world, including the city of Medina, Saudi Arabia, where a large Jewish community had lived there for almost a 1,000 years.

For centuries , Jews have been persecuted by their host countries in Europe, Middle East & North Africa. During WWII, more then Six Million Jews, and untold number of other ethnic and religious minority groups, were exterminated by the Nazis.

Those liberating Americans solders at the end of WWII in Europe, saw it first hand, the atrocities committed by the Nazis in the concentration camps. Since then, every U.S. administration has vowed to not let it ever happen again to any minority group. Regardless of their race, creed or religion.
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Re: US-Israeli relationship - Page 2 of 3

ECONOMICAL: Ever since Israel’s economy and industry was transformed in mid 1960's, from an agricultural economy into high technology hot bed for entrepreneurship. Its government, defense establishment, and private sectors had partnered and together invested enormous resources to create world class Universities, such as, Technion in Haifa. Hebrew University in Jerusalem. Research & Development centers, such as Weissman Institute of Science in Rehovot. And financial institutions, such as Bank Leumi, and Bank Hapoalim. The result of which, it brought the Israeli economy to be the 20th riches countries in the world today. Israeli scientists have developed some of the most advanced technologies in the area of, Agricultural, Electronics, Satellite technology, Internet security, Medicine, semiconductor technology, etc. As result, Israel has an extensive exchange of commerce and know-how with U.S., benefiting both countries.

Israel’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) Per Capita, is higher then seven of its Arab neighboring countries - COMBINED (source: CIA 2003 Almanac).

Despite the Billions from oil income, unfortunately many Arab countries squandered these monies into the glorification of their corrupt, and ruthless dictators. Slaughter each other. Fight the “infidels”, Israel, and the western societies.

Statistics suggest that, Per Capita, Arab countries have some of the lowest numbers of Engineers, scientist, Doctors, or Architects, then any other nation on earth. Majority of their resources and energy are spent investing in, and about the bitter past, instead of building a future and hope for their exploding populations.

U.S. NATIONAL SECURITY: Israel’s intelligence and security forces are known among the most effective services in the world. It is no secret that, U.S. & Israeli security institutions closely cooperate with each other to fight terrorism. One should be certain that, Israel continuously provides vital and priceless intelligence to U.S. of an impending terrorist attack against U.S. civilians, here and abroad. Although the 9/11 terrorist attack could have been prevented, the public may never know how many other similar plots against Americans have been prevented as the result of the solid intelligent information provided by Israel to their American counterparts, thus saving thousands of American lives.

THE PALESTINIAN ISSUE: Americans witnessed when in 1947, the League of nations had proposed a two-state solution for the region, a Palestine and Israel, living in peace side-by-side. American also heard and read of the refusal, and subsequent declaration of war by 6 Arab nations to annihilate the newly created tiny Jewish state in May, 1948.

Americans also observed the Palestinian refusal to join in with the peace treaties signed in 1979 with Egypt, and with Jordan in 1995. Americans, and rest of the world also vividly saw for themselves in the summer of 2000 in Camp David, when the late Arafat walked away from an historic peace proposal offered to the Palestinians by President Clinton and Mr. Barak of Israel. Instead, he committed his people to terrorist attacks against Israeli civilians. In the process subjected his own people to an unbearable suffering, uncertain future. Instead of making history, Mr. Arafat himself became one.

Many Americans, and their Administrations make observations, ponder, and ask these questions.

1) Between 1948 and prior to Six Day War in 1967, there was no single Israeli occupation of the entire West Bank, Gaza strip, and East Jerusalem - The same territories for which the Palestinians are now fighting for, as their future state.
Why an independent Palestine was not established then.? And, where was the fervent Arab support for “Palestinian Homeland” during those 19 years.

2) During that period, why Palestinians leaders, with the help of their rich brethren Arabs, did not build their own “settlements” and repatriate the remaining millions of Palestinians living in refugee camps in Lebanon, Syria, and elsewhere, back into the West Bank & Gaza.

3) Between 1947 to present day. Palestinian leaders have been offered their own state side by side Israel, no less then 6 times.
Why have they refuse to accept any of these offers.?

4) Palestinians are killing and sacrificing young generation for their independent State of Palestine as they declare, to “live in peace” next to sovereign state of Israel. If so true, then,
a) Why do they demand, to send the majority of their citizens to live in Israel?
b) During every peace talk, why Palestinians insist to have Israel’s Capital City of Jerusalem as their own future Capital?
c) If they plead for peace and co-existence, why PLO Charter calls for the 'Liberation of Palestine' - meaning, the destruction of Israel, no less then 14 times

5) For past 50 years, Palestinians have received tens of billions of dollars in aids, from U.S.A and world community.
Where did all the money go, and why their lives have not been improved.?

6) Why Arabs can’t explain, how the late Yasser Arafat, the “Refugee”, and head of the “Palestinian Refugees”, has become to be the Sixth richest man on earth?, as reported by Forbes Magazine.

7) During past 58 years, why Arab countries did not offer, nor allow the Palestinian refugees a citizenship in their own countries to those Palestinians whom wanted to immigrate there?

8) It seems that, for all these years, Arabs have put the Palestinian agenda at the forefront of their relationship with the Western World, and Israel.
Why then, Palestinians living in the same Arab countries, are persecuted, or expelled, with no political, nor economic rights - Lebanon, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Libya, and elsewhere.

9) Since 1947, and 6 wars later, Palestinians have witnessed that, the only way Arabs have “liberated” any square inch land from Israel, it was through peaceful means.
Why do they think that, with terror, they are going to gain more then Egypt, and Jordan did.?

10) Arabs main complain against Israel is, its refusal to adhere to various UN Resolutions.
Why the same Arabs, themselves refuse to recognize a UN resolution 181 in 1948, which created the State of Israel as a sovereign state?

11) Arab accuse Israel for 'Stealing Palestinian land'.
If this claim is legitimate, what have prevented them from suing Israel in an International Court Of Justice to seek justice, instead of killing civilians.

COURAGE & DETERMINATION: Frankly, Americans like this feisty and fearless “little David”,surrounded and fighting a 350 Million strong giant Goliath, successfully defending itself.

United States of America does not support a particular country or a religion, as much as it vehemently opposes the prospect of a small country or group - be it, Muslims in Bosnia, Kuwait, Iraqi Kurds, Jews in Israel, or Christians in Sudan, facing genocide, and extermination by the hand of their larger neighbors. Notwithstanding its own strategic interests in the region. In case of Israeli - Palestinian conflict, certainly not those reasons for which nearly 57 Arab & Muslim countries present their opposition to the existence of only one Jewish and democratic state, where it occupies less then 0.01% of the region
Re: US-Israeli relationship - Page 3 of 3

FUTURE PROSPECTS: In my view, there is no alternative to peace, then peace itself. Middle East is a region where Jews, Muslims, Christians, Israelis, and Arabs, share a common history in the area going back more then three millenniums. They should be able to live side by side in harmony, cooperation and mutual respect. Now that Saddam Hussein & Yasser Arafat are gone. At the same time Al quida's threat to the world is becoming ever more ominous, it is time for the Muslim world in general, and Arab countries in particular to face reality, and realize that, with the overwhelming majority of their ever exploding populations are uneducated and living below the poverty line, their people need food, shelter, jobs to provide decent living for their large families. Education for their children is the answer to their problem, not the daily dose of hatred. Pool their vast financial resources to create more jobs, instead of more kids. Graduate more engineers to design and build, and doctors, to save lives, not destroy ones. Architects to design and build homes, and factories, not bombs. Entrepreneurs to fund creation of more companies, not homicide bombers.

57 years, and Six wars later, has brought extreme suffering to both, Israelis and Palestinians. Arabs and Palestinians have not achieved their dream of “Palestine from the River to the Sea”. Palestinians certainly have their rights of self determination and a place of their own. However, their gain does not have to be at the expense of Israel’s very existence. Israel is not going anywhere. Not now, not ever.

Americans and Israelis are not perfect by any means, and have their flaws. Notwithstanding, Considering that, Arabs urgent need to improve the standard of their livings, Israelis tremendous know-how in areas of Agricultural, Heavy Industry, Research & Development, Electronics, Medicine, etc. Arabs have an unlimited financial resources, manpower, and urgent need to develop their countries. Through, industrial and economical development, job creation, throughout the Middle, many Arabs can earn a living, and feed their families with honor and dignity. Once the economic prosperity for the Arab-Palestinian population is achieved. Israel obtains the security to which, each of its citizen is yearning for. Then the Palestinian issue will be resolved in a manner satisfactory to all. Indeed, it is unfortunate that Islam itself, and majority of decent and intellectual Muslims throughout the world have been taken hostage by a very small group of fanatic Muslims, dictators and clergyman. These backward individuals have taken over entire countries, such as Iran, Sudden, Libya, and the like, and set their entire population 1000 years backward. At the same time invest their oil money to acquire nuclear, and other weapon of mass destruction, in order to destabilize the region, and pretentious concerned for the Palestinians, they exploit the issue for their own agenda.
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Welcome to DP righton.

Though I haven't read it well, I can see you've set a high bar for your future OPs. More power to you. Keep it up.

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I can't get FP to open right now. Do you happen to be familiar w/ their relevant copyright policies? Would you please email me a copy?
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Arch Enemy said:
No way those were typed by you directly into the post.
Agreed Thats total cut and paste from the Some US goverment site. All pretty inaccurate.

isreal is not democratic. They are not allys. Allys indicate mutual cooperation. There is none.

AIPAC lobby and other Economic factors in the middle east effect US realtions with these people. It in no way benefits the average american.
nefarious_plot said:
Agreed Thats total cut and paste from the Some US goverment site. All pretty inaccurate.

isreal is not democratic. They are not allys. Allys indicate mutual cooperation. There is none.

AIPAC lobby and other Economic factors in the middle east effect US realtions with these people. It in no way benefits the average american.

1. I challange you, find me that "US Government where this article was cut & pasted" and post it here.

You are right about the Cut-n-paste part though. From a Word Processor, where the entire aricle was written with.

2. Inaccuracies?. which one of the paragraphas do you have problem with.
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You are right about the Cut-n-paste part though. From a Word Processor, where the entire aricle was written with.
I thought as much. I noticed a few errors that a spellchecker wouldn't catch but a proofreader would. To me, that means some time w/ a keyboard and a cup of coffee, not a c&p fest w/ Google.

I suspect it's just the format that threw some folks.
The Drive them into the river thing is pure propaganda. Its typical racists jargan of the Isrealis.

isrealis and palis in peace. The Immigrants from Russian and eastern europe attack the indigenous people right away.

The whole article is typical american Jewis Supremecist nonesene.

Isreal is a money maker for Congressinonal and presidnetial campaigns. Foreign polticy twoards isreal is totaly economicaly motivated.

palistians...tens of Billions. Out right Lie.

Your racists Jewish Supremcist attitude is pathetic. I have no use. Sesm the only accuate part of this is the date of UN descion on partition.
Simon W. Moon said:
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If any one has evidence that righton is not the author of this work, please email me w/ it.
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Otherwise, me personally, I don't care to hear anymore grousing about it.

I honestly dont care what you want to hear.
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