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US Government to Pay for 2020 Election Postage?


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Mar 17, 2020
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Why should the US Postal Service get at least $25 Billion for the election?

To pay for what exactly?

The Counties (maybe a few states and/or cities) have to pay postage on the mailed ballots both ways - sending it to the voter; then from the voter back to the county.

Why is the postage pre-stamped on the envelopes not enough for the USPS to deliver the universal mail-in ballots to wherever they are supposed to be delivered (or is it, but the $25 Billion is for something else)? Is the postage falling $25 Billion short? :) Do governments get a postage discount?

Who is paying for the ballots?

Why should federal taxpayers have to pay for any of this since elections are handled and funded at the county level usually.

I believe that Pelosi is trying to pass one of her stupid bills (it is stupid because when any part of it fails, she'll blame Trump, of course) for $25 Billion to the USPS because Trump ran circles around her with the stimulus executive orders!

We'll see.
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