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US and EU diplomatic efforts fail to end Egypt’s political deadlock


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Sep 14, 2012
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US and EU diplomatic efforts fail to end Egypt’s political deadlock | euronews, world news

Brussels and Washington are concerned for Egypt after failing to broker a deal between supporters of ex-president Mohammed Mursi and anti-Muslim Brotherhood supporters.

They have refused to move until the ousted Mursi is reinstated. So far the interim president Adli Mansour has resisted moving the Islamist protestors by force. But patience is wearing thin.

Mansour heads up the new army-installed government for the time being. He attended prayers together with army chief Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi as the Muslim Eid festival begins and has vowed to press on with plans to hold an election in nine months.

Mursi’s Muslim Brotherhood has fortified positions in two protest camps in Cairo, in readiness for any action by security forces. At prayers in Tahrir Square, the other side of town, anti-Brotherhood supporters are just as fervent that Egypt never returns to the days of Mursi.

Almost 300 have so far died in the conflict. The failure to broker a deal between the political camps means the very real prospect of further violence.

Well there can be only one peace solution: no islamists.
Maybe the US and EU should stay out of this internal Egyptian matter.
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