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US$3 Billion of Investment in Garri Free Zone (1 Viewer)


Apr 25, 2016
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Khartoum - Size of investments at Garri free zone, north of Khartoum has reached US$3 billion, as the area has become a pilot of ??industrial, commercial and service activity
Director of Sudanese Free Zones and Markets Company, Abdul Moati Mukhtar said that the free zones is one of the attraction mechanisms for investment and export promotion and trade exchange as many countries adopted free zones to increase the national income and investments.
He said the company is a pioneer in the field of free zones and have a great experience and qualified cadre.
He announced the company's plan, in coordination with the Supreme Council of Free Zones and Markets, for the construction of four free zones in Galabat and Gineina to be opened this year, Nyala and the White Nile to be opened next year.
For his part, Director General of Gatri Free Zone, Abdul Wahab Mohammed pointed to the importance of the establishment of banks in the area to facilitate the trading process and to finance projects in the area and facilitate investors' remittances.
source: sudanvisiondaily.com

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