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Uruzgan: Blast kills 6 U.S. soldier

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Uruzgan: Blast kills 6 U.S. soldiers
Qari Muhammad Yussuf (Ahmadi) - According to Mujahideen of Islamic Emirate of killing six U.S. soldiers as a result of a massive explosion yesterday.
The report adds: The blast occurred at approximately the sixth yesterday afternoon when they were the enemy tank in the case out of its military as improvised explosive device detonated roadside in the village of Omar has ordered the state Department Dihrawud Uruzgan.
Resulted in a powerful bomb blast destroyed an enemy tank is full and the killing of six soldiers, the occupiers. Recall that the enemy tank destroyer is still around at the scene.

Laghman: the bombing of the American enemy base in Mehtarlam rocket
Zabihullah (Mujahid) - The Mujahideen of Islamic Emirate in the twelfth hour yesterday evening, four rockets on the status of pawns of U.S. troops occupied area on the horses, the city of Mehtarlam Center Laghman province, where they fell, all the missiles on the status of the enemy was not up to date and accurate information about losses Accessories the enemy.

Zabul: blow up a tank for the Americans an improvised explosive device
Qari Muhammad Yussuf (Ahmadi) - detail by: Gold, a large number of soldiers, U.S. troops and the puppet army since yesterday morning to an area other than the Directorate of Shenqui state of Zabul, to launch a series of military operations where trapped as a result of a series of bombings and armed attacks by the Mujahideen and still the siege continues.
Says that the militants from the region during the attacks blew a tank to the Americans at the eighth last night an explosive device planted, when a military convoy was the enemy moving from one area to another.
The blast destroyed an enemy tank, killing all the Crusaders.
Recall that in addition to the stated losses suffered losses as a result of enemy and other armed attacks.

Laghman: Attack of the Directorate of Daulat Shah
Zabihollah (Mujahid) - According to Mujahid Islamic Emirate of Laghman province on the attack with weapons of light and heavy in a series of "conquest" in the Directorate of Daulat Shah this mandate.
The report adds: The attack in the eleventh hour yesterday evening, resulting in serious damage to the building which was built at a cost of Directorate financial by the occupying forces in this lately, but not up to date information about the number of dead and wounded soldiers there.
Mujahideen from the region say that thankfully no damage to the mujahideen during the attack, which lasted for forty-five minutes, after successful operations of Mujahideen heroes returned safely to their posts.

Attack on a security to police the city Ddiz
Zabihullah (Mujahid) - carried out armed attack on a security to the police yesterday evening Ddiz City Centre Paktia.
Officials say the jihadists from the region: started an armed attack, at about ninth last night and lasted for about half an hour, resulting in serious damage to the building point of the enemy security along the road area Bnozo the city in question, was not up to date information about the number of dead and wounded the enemy.
According to the novel area residents: a car-type Ranger was parked in a bowl of point security rocket-propelled grenade during the attack and was completely destroyed.

Connor: the attack on a foot patrol of U.S. soldiers
Zabihullah (Mujahid) - carried out an armed attack on a foot patrol of soldiers of the occupying U.S. State Department Hijl Conner.
They say the jihadists from the region: Mujahideen attacked a third time in about noon yesterday on a number of soldiers, a U.S. patrol on foot were carrying out its functions on the road to Ammtd zu Directorate Crescent area in question.
Resulted in an armed attack wounded two U.S. soldiers were injured, and thankfully none of Mujahid was hurt.

Ghazni: death of a policeman shot dead
Zabihullah (Mujahid) - By connecting news from the region: the Mujahideen fired bullets at about the tenth last night during a surprise attack on the policeman and shot him dead on the spot in the day Mubarak City Centre Ghazni Ghazni Province.
Since the beginning of the "conquest", the greater the surprise attacks of the Mujahideen on the enemy soldiers in all cities of the country, which suffered heavy losses spiritual enemy.
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