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Update on xF improvements and what's coming

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Oct 12, 2007
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I just wanted to let everyone know what we're working on in the background.

Our "to do" list (in progress):
1 - creating a page similar to the old "UserCP" (User Control Panel) from vB
This includes widgets for:​
- watched threads​
- watched forums​
- listing of "likes" (reactions)​
- "who quoted me"​
2 - add a Cancel button for the reply box
3 - create a widget that displays various forum user stats as a % (age, gender, user "leans", etc...)
4 - additional smilies (some of the old smilies may be back - no promises)

Coming soon, xF 2.2:
1 - Blogs that actually look like blogs, sort of
2 - Updated Rich Text Editor
3 - User profile banners (think FB background behind your profile pic)
4 - Progressive web app (just to be clear, the app is not political, even if it's for a political debate forum)

* we are preparing to start testing this on our test site this weekend, we need to make sure our add-ons will work with the new version


1 - Tapatalk
2 - Selectable posts per page
this may be something that xF developers see to create down the road, but for now any attempt to do this breaks links and search results in a very bad way​

- There is a new style (DP 3.1). It's a less "bright" version of the DP 3.0 style and was requested
- There will be minor tweaks to the two "Shades" styles coming
- The addition of a style or two (I'm currently working on a green style)
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